16 March 2011

aidez by the pool

Spring break is in session for me down in sunny Arizona. So far I've read two and a half books and knit most of the back panel of my Aidez sweater. For this project I'm using some new triple ply yarn that my mom had spun from our CVM romeldale fiber.

So far my gauge is on track and the sweater is turning out beautifully.

I'm trying to finish this project in time for this year's Shepherd's Harvest Festival that takes place on Mother's Day weekend. You may think that this should be an easy goal to achieve, given the amount of time, but graduate school starts up for me again in a week and it will be difficult to find time to knit this when studio gets underway.

This image shows a test square resting on top of the yummy pile of yarn that I selected to knit this project with.

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