14 April 2010

wish me luck

I looked out my window this morning and realized that the large maple tree standing in the parking lot of my building has blossomed. The morning sun seemed almost green, because it had to filter through this mesh of young leaves before it hit my bedroom window.

On my walk into school I discovered all the trees in the city are blossoming.

I guess I've never thought of trees as "blossoming" before, but they really do. Their tiny buds look like flowers before they either fall off or mature into larger leaves.

The yarn above is something I spun at around this time last year. It's a bit over-spun, but perfect for socks. I'm calling this colorway Wish Me Luck. As in wish me luck with the upcoming summer . . . wish me luck on my final reviews . . . wish me luck with the garden . . . wish me luck with all the adventures in my life.

Upon reflection, though, I must admit I think a lot of times we make our luck. (I'll post that colorway in a few weeks, if I'm lucky enough to catch up with all my work.)

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