03 April 2010

jellybeans + garlic sprouts

This is some of my mother's hand-spun and hand-painted yarn. It reminds me of a handful of colorful jellybeans.

Spring is running full throttle here at Crosby Hill farm. Lambs are leaping around the barn yard, and chicks are peeping in the chicken coop. There's even some garlic sprouts poking up through the soil in the garden.

I've been charged with photographing all of these things, so I'd better get my tail out to the barn.

My family will gather this evening for a meal and some card games. The "roast beast" is already in the oven: some of my dad's pastured beef, prepared by me. (A cup of red wine, some rosemary, garlic and shallots and let it cook slowly all afternoon.)

Hope all of you are enjoying your Saturday.

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