16 March 2010


The only snow to be found here is hidden in the shadows, tucked into the corners of the forest beyond the reach of the low winter sun.

I went for a walk in the woods yesterday with the dogs and discovered what has been hidden underfoot by the winter snow.

The color palette of the woods is subdued. The silvery brown of last years oak leaves blends with spongy black earth and the russet of acorn shells. The bright berries of October, the scarlets, magentas and oranges, are muted and faded.

In some places on the paths there are patches of fine silver mesh. At first glance this phenomenon looks like spider webs or frost, but on closer inspection one realizes this is all that is left of the leaves of the milkweed plant -- fine silver tendrils -- and soon even this will be absorbed into the soil or swept away by a brisk spring wind.

This colorway was inspired by the experience of the dormant spring forest. I carefully muted all of my dye colors with gray before I added them to my pot of CVM romeldale top. The top beneath the dye was already gray, so the resulting single-ply sport weight yarn is muted and subtle.

The color in these pictures is actually popping more than I expected. It must be the white background.

This pattern is from Melanie Falick's Weekend Knitting, titled Baby's Pure & Simple Pullover and Cardigan. I'm making the cardigan, but adjusting the pattern for an asymmetrical alignment of the buttons down the front. I'm leaning toward wooden or leather buttons at the moment.

This yarn is so soft and pliable -- a perfect spring sweater-coat for a baby.

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