05 March 2010


The winter sun sure does look good on this hand painted yarn, doesn't it?

I love the streaks of bright blue and rose. My mom and I painted this yarn yesterday morning. Shepherd's Harvest must be just around the corner, because my parents' household is a flurry of activity that revolves around fiber.

I haven't been much help this season.

My mom's the one who's cleaned all of her fleeces and packed them off to be washed and combed. Look for a new combination of wool and mohair from Crosby Hill Farm this year at the festival.

Here's another color combination that's all my mom. I don't know what she's calling it yet, but I've already pirated twelve ounces of it to make something for myself. I'm of spinning it double-ply, worsted weight and knitting it into a cute little cardigan with some flashy buttons.

Something to knit this summer and snuggle into this fall.

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