20 August 2016

nap time

During his nap time I hurry to pick up whatever project is utmost on my mind. This morning it was my bloomsbury sweater and I finished a sleeve. Then after he woke up I took him upstairs and he played in his suitcase while I sewed together the four large blocks that make up my single girl quilt top.

We zipped around town after lunch, from Minneapolis to St. Paul to look at potential rental houses for my brother and his family when they move back to Minnesota this September. Fingers crossed that I might have found something in one of the historic neighborhoods of Minneapolis with a wood burning fireplace and a park across the street for their little one. Hope that all pans out. (And we find the gold nugget.) Is that where the phrase "pans out" comes from?

Let's go with that :) :)

It's nap time again, that's why I'm blogging. When he wakes up my arms and heart will be full with one energetic nine month old.

Hope you have a great weekend.

xo Jill


  1. I hope it pans out also....! Love your progress on the sweater and you know I love "Single Girl Quilt"s. Making pickles and French Dip Sandwiches. Cheers!

  2. How big is each block in your single girl quilt? Hope everything works out with the accommodation.

  3. Dear Jill,
    sending greetings from our holidays in Venice/ Italy (maybe the last vacations with my son?!) too you.
    Hope everythings ok?! Missing you and your beautiful coulors and pictures here...

  4. What a sweet face! Can't wait to see the quilt top progress. I have pulled out some unfinished quilting items that I need to see to completion, I am so ashamed I have let them linger for so long. But once I found knitting, all else went by the wayside.


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