03 July 2016

cozy cabin socks


Last weekend and for most of the week we went and stayed at a cabin up in the north woods with my husband's large extended family. I started to knit a new pair of socks on the drive up. Now that we're home the colors in the socks remind me of the orange campfires and the crisp blue skies above the north woods.

Logan's starting to rock on all fours for longer periods of time. The determined look in his eyes tells me he won't be staying put where I put him for much longer. My baby is growing so fast! I cheer him on, while part of me feels sad that we're leaving behind his plump baby limbs, frizzy hair and joyous raspberries. His timing is perfect!

We are always moving forward though - into the great, unknown, big kid future. 

xo Jill


  1. Looks like a lovely spot to have a summer break. It is so fun watching them grow up, my son walked when he was 10 months old, that was a bit of a shock.

  2. Missed your blogging, glad you had a fun time up north. Get your running shoes on for when Logan starts crawling!


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