21 October 2012

weekend knitting

It's been a busy weekend between the garden and a new knitting project. Today Garrett and I dug up all of our bulbs, sorted them and put them into storage in the basement. We also cut down all of our dead tomato plants, pulled up their cages and started to sort out that mess. I have to confess it will probably never be completely sorted, rather I'll just begin with what I have in next year's garden this up coming spring.

This project has kept me pretty involved the past few days. This is a sweater called "The Fan" and it comes from Marianne Isager's collection: Japanese Inspired Knits. I saw this sweater on display in a local knitting shop and I wanted to knit it then and there. The yarn I'm using (of course) comes from Crosby Hill Farm's "Hetty Yarn" Collection. This is the 2 ply mill spun DK worsted weight in soft gray; 100% CVM Romeldale yarn.

Love it. Love the scalloped pattern and the repeats of garter stitch. So far the pattern repeats bring to mind witch's brooms. Something very appropriate for this time on the calendar. I'm hoping to have this project complete for or around that holiday. Next weekend I'm going on a craft retreat so I should have lots of time to dedicate to knitting.

I haven't just been knitting though, here's a bobbin from my spinning wheel. This colorway is called "Barn Raising" an old favorite here at tendril and twine. We plan on updating our etsy shop with more colorways as soon as possible.

This yarn is going to be a set of baby booties and a cap, I think. We'll see how I feel once I spin up another bobbin and ply the two together.  For now I'm just trying to keep my feet on the pedals and take each project one stitch at a time.

Recent events here are that we painted the kitchen red and we really love it. The dried flowers in the background are all that remain of last spring's alliums - one of the first flowers to greet us after spring thaw.

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