01 September 2012

chickens are pretty

We went to the state fair today with my sister and brother-in-law. It was a nice day, so the fair was packed with people. Despite the fact that I was with three other adults we managed to lose each other in the crowd at least a half dozen times.

I liked the Arts and Crafts building (where one of my sister's quilts was hanging) and the Fine Arts building, but really after dealing with such massive numbers of people I feel like I can go without revisiting the fair for at least five years.

As you can see I finished my rooster booster sweater. It turned out soft and beautiful. It will be the perfect fall sweater for my niece.

This yarn comes from fiber from Crosby Hill Farm. You can purchase some fiber to spin yourself here. This colorway is called Rooster Booster.

This blend of 80% CVM Romeldale wool and 20% kid mohair is a joy to spin and the colorway is a constant adventure to knit.

Chickens are pretty.

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