30 August 2011

she can grow carrots

I think any gardener would agree that the month of August brings highs and lows. The lows: the weeds have taken over, the tomato plants are toppling over, the corn only got knee high, the cilantro has gone to seed.

The highs: tomatoes are coming in at around ten pounds a day, the squash survived the squash borer (and is now clinging to the fence between our property and the next), the sunflowers are blooming and the carrots are finally ready to be pulled.

Each morning I step out in the back yard and at first I panic, but then I celebrate. A lot went (and is continuously going) wrong here. But so much is going right.

After last year I didn't think I could grow carrots. Last year's lot were small and puny, but some of this year's actually look respectable. (Like I wouldn't be scoffed at if I had a stand at the farmers' market respectable.)

But I won't be setting up a stand there any time soon. This garden is just for me and mine. A visit there yesterday afternoon provided most of the ingredients needed for a beef and barley stew. It came out fantastic and if you're looking to try it out here's a link.

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