06 May 2011

going to the harvest

Hi everyone, as I write this I am surrounded by tubs of fiber and knitted objects. My mother and cousin are staying with me this weekend and tomorrow we are all going to the Shepherd's Harvest Festival at the Lake Elmo fair grounds here in Minnesota.

This year we have a wide selection of raw fleeces, yarns and hand dyed combed top to sell. We're especially excited about our 2011 lambs that are for sale. Please visit us at the Crosby Hill Farm stand (we're coordinating again with our good friend Sandy of Winterwind Farm) and check out the products from our farms.

Our line of Hetty Yarns is new this year. My mother illustrated the labels with an image of a vintage goat she drew a few years ago after I shared a story that I wrote with her. The story was about a garage band of goats who played symphonies in the pasture under the summer moon, look for more additions of these labels in years to come.

Hope to see you at the festival.


  1. Hi Jill
    After watching you spin all weekend, I couldn't wait to go home and spin some handpainted roving - now I'm trying to decide whether to navajo ply or two-ply for the finished yarn.
    and this reminds me of that great youtube video demo of navajo plying - here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmlwtojLXI8
    thanks for spending your weekend at Sheps Harvest spinning for us! sandy

  2. Once again, your booth was one of my favorites. Thank you!!

  3. i would love to be able to shop these products online if you guys ever decide to offer current inventory for sale somewhere!

  4. Your fleeces and yarn are beautiful!


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