20 September 2010

a litte B & E

I have this book titled Normal is just a setting on the Dryer by Adair Laura and it's filled with helpful tidbits on life. It contains wise sayings such as:

Wine, heavy cream, and salt can make you look like a genius in the kitchen.
Give the people you love some slack.
Never pass up on a opportunity to pee.
Blame your parents and get on with your life.
Perms are always a bad idea.
Never dive into anything if you can't see the bottom.
Your mother isn't always right, but a lot of the time, she is.
Always know how to break into your own house.

Do you know how to break into yours? I had to break into mine tonight. I think the lock must be sticking or something, because there I was, after twelve hours in the studio, dying for a beer and the sofa, and I couldn't get the front door open.

I also have a key for the back door of the house . . . but the screen door was locked. THE SCREEN DOOR WAS LOCKED, people. No matter, I teetered into the flower beds with my high heeled boots and bent myself into a shape a contortionist would have gawked at and finally got into the house.

I went straight to the fridge to grab a cold beer, but someone forgot to restock the beer after they took the last one. Huh, I guess sometimes life works out that way.
P.S. I'm using some of the yarn in the image above to knit myself a pair of cabled mitts for winter. More images to follow.

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