18 July 2015


Hello Dear Friends:

I have been on hiatus from the blog - a first in the six years that I have been posting, but the break was much needed. Over the past few months I've resumed my crafting, cooking and creative explorations, so the need for outreach and sharing - this blog - was an inevitable conclusion.

How else would I be able to keep track of how the garden looked, what the goofy dog was doing and what had found it's way on and off my knitting needles?

Life has been very good to my husband and I in the months that I have been quiet. We are pregnant and I'm 20 weeks along! It feels like a fairytale and a dream - something I don't quite think we ever believed could happen after all that we had been through. 

My knitting projects are now geared very much toward baby. I've finally got the chance to try out all of those patterns that I'd been collecting. This little pattern is called sweet baby cap. I'm making it out of some 2 ply hand spun that I made in 2013. I only had about 150 yards left over from a pair of socks I knit at that time and I was waiting for a very special project.

I will try to catch up with you all now that I am back in form (though it is expanding day by day!)

God has truly taught me how to hope and blessed us beyond belief!

Ever hopeful, 

Jill xo
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