07 October 2014

yellow leaves

This past weekend was crammed full with both work and play. I played around the house on Saturday, tidying some things up and roasting a pumpkin for a spiced pumpkin cake. Bree and I got out for a stroll around the neighborhood. The community garden is showing signs of fall. The zinnias are starting to look frostbitten and faded - yet they still make me smile.

On Saturday the community garden was filled with monarch butterflies. They must be on their annual migration, but a whole mob of them decided to dart down from the sky and enjoy the pretty blossoms of my neighborhood.

I had to work on Sunday, and it's those extra hours that made it possible for me to take the afternoon off today. I plan on making a pot of chili and some corn bread. If Bree plays her cards right we'll head out for a walk. It's a lovely, blustery afternoon. Part clouds and part sunshine. The leaves are skittering across the pavements.

Just perfect.

Have a great day everyone!

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