25 November 2012

my winter den

I finally took on the upstairs bedroom last week. Organized, dusted, vacuumed and rearranged the furniture to turn it into my own creative winter den. I found this framed bulletin board out in the garage, carried it inside and started to pin up my collection of magazine clippings and other images that give me inspiration.

Some of these images are pretty old. Post cards from museums I visited in Europe a decade ago.  Bits and pieces that were pinned up before in old apartments, taken down, stored and now re-emerge reminding of ideas I had in the past and new ideas I have for the future.

I've been knitting. Here's a baby cap made from Jitterbug sock yarn. I've had this yarn for years. I intended to make a pair of socks, but was holding off until I could get another skein of the same colorway . . . that never happened, so I guess I'll get a few baby hats out of it.

A boy or a girl could easily wear this.

Here's another project long in the making: my Barn Raising blanket. I'm making my 4 x 4 squares. I think this will be the perfect size to wrap up a baby. And it's washable, made from extra sock yarn.

I've also dug out my watercolors to use in my new work space. There's just so many ideas that I want to illustrate and share. Watercolor is a very happy medium for me.

And finally we've uploaded some more dyed to our Crosby Hill Farm shop. This colorway is called Turkey Feathers.

I'm spinning this for myself.

03 November 2012

early morning spinning

I woke up early this morning (even though I had the chance to sleep in) and plied together this yarn.  This colorway is called Barn Raising at Crosby Hill Farm. Now it's on to other weekend projects.
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