18 October 2017

october trail ride

My husband had some training over the weekend so the kids and I went up to my parent's farm and spent Friday and Saturday night.

We went for a trail ride on the four wheelers on Saturday on some trails that I hadn't been on for over five years. The trees were beautiful. My parents' have a lot of yellow maples on their property, so there comes a point every autumn where the woods are paved with golden leaves.

I finished the socks for my nieces, now I think I'll start on another pair for my son.

We are moving out of our home at the end of October to a different house outside the city and a bit closer to family. Lots of changes around here!

11 October 2017

september socks

September flew by in a blur. Perhaps it was because my husband and I were searching for a new home, so every night after he got home from work we were meeting our realtor. We had to bring both of the kiddos, so sometimes it was a very trying affair - for everyone involved.

After three purchase agreements and on offer that fell through we finally did find a house. We move at the end of this month.

This has put me into major cleaning and packing mode. It's nice that I'm on maternity leave, but I also imagined that I'd get more knitting done.

The finished socks above are for my niece. The ball of yarn next to them is for a pair of socks that I intend to knit for my oldest niece. We can't leave anyone out. The other project is the "Inspira Cowl" which is a free pattern on ravelry. That was a really fun knit!

I'm happy to be posting a blog again. I've learned a new way to manage my photos on my phone and transfer them to my computer in order to post them on my blog.

xo Jill

P.S. Joining Nicole of Frontier Dreams for her linkup :) :) :)
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